Posted by: supthecoast | June 6, 2011

New England

The past few weeks have flown by.  Since we crossed the Chesapeake it seems like we have been on a pattern of GO.  We have passed through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and now New York.  As we paddled up the Long Island Sound yesterday, for the first time on our trip we saw a naturally formed rock pile.  It was the first sign that we were back in New England.  New York left me, as it always does, full of awe.  The stature of the buildings blows me away and always overwhelms me.  As we finished up yesterday, over 40 nautical miles from the city, we could still see those giants, now mere shadows fading in the distance as we turned up the channel to our final destination.   Yesterday’s distance was a personal best for me.   As we pulled into the sound and the wind was blowing in our faces and the inconsistent chop made the nose of our boards slap repeatedly this way and that we slowed to a crawl. I had doubts we would make it as far we did.  We had a number of different options and we pushed on.  Refueling every couple hours allowed me to refocus.  As the afternoon went on, the wind laid down and with the sun setting behind us the sound went glassy.  It is always a good feeling to not be able to see the place from which you left.  It makes me know our day was a success.  Yesterday definitely was and today we will once again move on.

New York City: 1359 nm, 72 days of paddling




  1. HOly mackerel!!!! You guys are rockstars!!! That is totally awesome milage–and isn’t it the best when you outlast the wind!!!! I have one of your caps, btw. Will email Mimi about mailing it to you! Have fun–you are in the lee of the north-west wind now!!! AND you’re in the land of some truly awesome micro-brews (although DE and even NJ have some very, very good ones!!)

  2. Rob here from LBI, we had some laughs drank some beers at the Marlin. So impressed with what you guys have done thus far.. Keep going Maine is around the corner… more peanut butter…

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