Posted by: supthecoast | May 24, 2011


Sometimes things happen in your life that make you feel so fortunate.

There have been so many things on this oddessy that I am thankful for. Will and I have been truly blessed on our journey. Even though the wind and currents have not been perfect, we can’t complain and take it one mile at a time.

I am so thankful about our experience on The Bay one week ago . The feeling of knowing your body and mind are so in tune. Yes there was fear. I beleave that fear is what made our paddle so succesful that late afternoon . Failure really never crossed my mind. I would have paddled for twice as long to make it the shelter of that rock pile.

Those 90 minutes have changed the rest of this trip for me. I’m not paddling like I was before that Monday afternoon. Once I made it to the east side of the bay, my style of paddling has changed.

No longer am I paddling  with my head down with nothing more important than getting to the end of the day. I’m more relaxed,more focused on looking around and seeing what I’m traveling past.

I have enjoyed every part of the coast so far. Yes, I can remember all the beautiful areas that only few get a chance to see. Although when I was paddling through some of those places I had one thing on my mind. The destination of that particular day. I’m truly thankful for Mother Ocean to spank me around a little bit. If she could speak, she may have said on that Monday afternoon,” Hey man, perhaps you should be more concerned about the journey than the destination”.

I hear her loud and clear now. Thank you Mother Ocean for the lesson.



  1. Definitely enjoy the journey!! And keep an eye out for starving red knots-their populations are still declining. They count on horse-shoe crabs to fatten up so they have energy to keep flying north. If you see a bird that’s not supposed to be in the water (not a seagull or duck) floating on the water (upright, tho, like a duck!), it might be a starving red knot. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for you!

  2. Very nice. You guys are enjoying a priceless gift.

  3. You guys are awesome. What you have accomplished is so inspiring.

  4. Hey Guys,
    I’m truly intrigued with your journey, you are both very insirational. I heard of you both through John up at NY Kayak Company in NYC. I’ll be tracking you both and hopefully catch up on the water for a few strokes when you get closer to Seaside NJ.

    Safe Travels

    Ray D.

  5. Well written and exciting blog to read. We can relate to your adventuresome spirit.
    God Bless and keep on keeping on.

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