Posted by: supthecoast | May 20, 2011

Down hill

As we paddled out of the Chesapeake Bay today I couldn’t help but smile.

It feels as if we have climbed a huge peak and now it is time to ride down hill. We’ve said goodbye to 4 states and countless bodies of water.  For me it feels like the rest is down hill!

We have a long way to go and several states to complete. Although I can’t help but feel excited! Excited to be crossing that imaginary line of South/North soon!The excitement of all the wonderful things we still have to see! Excited about meeting more kind and giving people.

We had a short day today. An easy day if you will. On days like today I can almost hear the cheers of all the people sending us  positive reinforcement.

Today was a good day.



  1. you SHOULD be excited!!! You are doing so amazingly well and I am proud to know you!

  2. Glad you guys are feeling the goodness being sent your way.

    Stay Safe


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