Posted by: supthecoast | May 20, 2011


After our weather delay on Tuesday and Wednesday, the forecast for Thursday was looking promising. By Thursday morning we knew we had to go. A small crowd of onlookers had gathered inquiring what exactly we were doing and stayed to see us off. After some photos we were off not being able to see our destination only the bridge that would guide the way.

Conditions were not bad nor were they perfect. The swell was still pushing from the east and the wind had switched to the southwest. With a small chop at our side we made a diagonal line to the bridge and started following that. Eventually the wind and current would push us off the bridge slightly but didn’t hinder our forward progress. As we got farther across, the wind had picked up from what it was when we left. This, coupled with the swell, current, and shoals made for bigger seas but not nearly what we had seen just a few days prior. We stopped for a few minutes at the spot where we had been brought back Monday night, thankful we were not in that same situation again.

We moved on. As we followed the bridge the current seemed to push us right along. A maintenance crew on the bridge took our picture and later would lay on the horn as they drove by. After another hour or so we had reached Sunset Beach on the North side of the bay. Our crossing complete, we both agreed that we didn’t have to do that again. And now we can keep heading north. Thank you everyone who had given us encouragement and well wishes it gives us strength knowing so many people are watching us everyday.



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