Posted by: supthecoast | May 8, 2011

Coastal Carolina

On Monday we left the wrightsville area and pushed forward staying in the ICw. We made hampstead in a day and spent another night with Guy and Patty Davis who had hosted us for the Carolina Cup. Thank you for all your hospitality. Then we went to Camp Lejeune. It’s a Marine base. We got the opportunity there to stay with some Wounded Warriors. We could legitimately write an entire book on our stay there alone. I’ll only say that it puts everything in perspective. I had a history teacher once say, “war is Hell”. From hearing the stories from these guys, that might not even begin to describe it.

From there we have moved up fighting tough side winds and making Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach where we got to meet up with Mimi again. She had joined us down in Wrightsville. And Mike got to reunite with a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time, Andrew. We continued on to Sea Level and then yesterday we hit Ocracoke Island. So far the week has gone well. A little further and we will be heading north. A lot of the Carolinas we have been moving east. Soon Virginia !


  1. Thank you for showing my guys in Camp Lejeune a great time.Thank you for allowing them to host you two.They told me when saying goodbye,they felt as if they were saying good bye to brothers.You guys must of had some night.

    OOH RAH from the guys

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