Posted by: supthecoast | May 1, 2011

Racers Ready

After almost two hours of people flowing in and tweaking their gear, paddlers from all over began getting on the water to start the Carolina Cup. Folks came from all over including Florida, New Jersey, California, and even Canada to race in what is sure to be one of, if not the, premier stand up paddleboard race. Even as a spectator you could feel the electricity and pre race butterflies. People were bouncing around in all different directions making last minute checks offhand gear, reuniting with friends, meeting new people, and seeing all the newest boards on the scene and who was paddling them.

There were three courses for competitors to choose from including a 12, 6, and 3 mile. With the directions board designs have gone and training people are doing, course times seemed quick with some of these guys finishing the 12 mile course in a little over 2 hours!! I wish we could blast out that distance in that time. But if we did we wouldn’t be seeing all the great stuff that we have.

It was awesome to reconnect with people that we have met along the way and to meet so many new folks as well. Thank you all for being so encouraging about our trip. We will get back on tomorrow and push forward. What a great weekend this has been!

Pre race madness.




  1. You guys are an inspiration!! Can’t believe the miles you’re putting in with your faces in the wind. Am hoping it warms up for you here in JerZ–right now ocean is between 48-51. Inland is warmer of course, but you’ll be sick of marshes by the time you get up here and you’ll probably wanna blast some outside runs!! That race was awesome, and even swimming in the inlet multiple times was fun. Hope you guys come down for next year’s race!!

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