Posted by: supthecoast | April 24, 2011

Georgetown north to Osprey Marina

May be the most picturesque part of our journey thus far!

This stretch is a must see if you are into any human-powered water transportation. So peaceful that you can feel  the pulse of this amazing ICW stretch. No bridges for aprox.40 nautical miles. Gators and Cottonmouth’s are around for sure! I feel like they were to busy looking at the scenery to bother us as we paddled through.

Yesterday was not all good on the other hand. North of Osprey Marina we entered civilization again. Bridges first. Then TRASH! Just when you thought it could not get any worse…… BAM! Boat traffic. Yesterday’s “captains” were passing us full throttle for aprox. 16 miles of our late afternoon push to Myrtle Beach. I have felt safer in an avalanche zone or in the impact zone at Hanalei Bay. Un-real negligence. To much to post here.

Although it was easy to forget once we arrived at Grand Dunes Marina. Matt,Mike,Tammy and Grandson Sean greeted us after speaking to us on our trip north. Corona’s and h2o for all!

Matt works for the marina. He let us take showers and leave our boards for safe keeping. Our host Kelly Weatherspoon for the third day in a row was there to provide all the necessary support.

She took us to Flying Fish Public Market and Grill. OMG! Larry the GM and guru of all things restaurant , took us in and gave us the VIP treatment. Thank you Larry and Staff for making us feel so welcome and special. We are humbled by your gratitude. Mahalo.

The food at the Flying Fish was superbly prepared. Attention to detail and freshness is evident.The kitchen doesn’t have a walk in freezer! It can seat 370ish and no freezer? Can you say FRESH! See you for lunch Larry.

Thank you so much Kelly for making us feel so welcome and special while in Garden City. Again to much to list here!


  1. Hahaha-that was Easter traffic!! Good thing you’re past Hilton Head way before Memorial Day. Lotsa folk hit the water at 10 and are well on their way to being lit before noon. Heehee, I remember riding those currents and tides outta Savannah (cause, you know, I had to see Savannah!!) to Hilton Head and making incredible time. I called Carl to tell him about my speedy progress (this is before SPOT), and he says “well, how about pushing on for a few more miles since you have a really long day tomorrow?” haha. I told him there was no way, not with that boat traffic!! That’s more hazardous than, yea, well you guys know it!! Hope you’re wearing bright tops!! Heehee, I basically “hopped” my way along from stationary fishing boat to stationary fishing boat, using them as shelter!! Have fun!! Enjoy the journey!! Can’t wait to meet you in JerZ!!

    • Margo,,,, I live in JerZ,,,,when are they scheduled to hit the coast? I live near Bay Head and PPB and would love to paddle out and see them!


      • I don’t know-I’m gonna keep following ’em. I think. The way they are going, they’ll be here in 3-4 weeks. Maybe even less-I don’t know where they are at the moment. Would be great to hook up and get a bunch of folks out to meet ’em!

      • Love your positive thinking Margo!

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