Posted by: supthecoast | April 23, 2011

The Atlantic Backcountry

Our journey has taken us through the ICW as well as out in the ocean. The two are very different but both have their challenges.

Like the difference between skiing a groomed man-made trail and getting out back and skiing natural terrain.

A groomed  ski trail has levels of diffuculties.As does the ICW. We’ve had GREEN conditions through DOUBLE BLACK Diamond conditions. Some of the largest conditions we have encountered  have been in the ICW. 4-6 ft boat wake with refracting current and chop for miles!

We have also had glassy smooth groomed surface as well,but for the most part,the ICW was  windy, current rich with un-real boat traffic. One day I felt like I was in the movie Caddyshack. The scene where Rodney Dangerfield is flying around in the harbor trashing boats He exclaimed at one part in the scene after he drops his anchor on a sail boat. “Hey you scratched my anchor!” Funny in the movie,not funny from a 17’6″ SUP board.

The ocean has felt like beautiful backcountry skiing I’ve done out west. We have had days that felt like a perfect powder day! You feel like you are the first person to have been there. Just you and your buddy trading perfect turns in deep powder. Going up the Georgia coast was amazing. We would paddle for hours and then days and not see anyone! This felt like hiking into a new peak that may or may not have been skiied.

Now into the SC the Atlantic side as well as the ICW feel like the backcountry. Remote and breath-taking. Ancient old growth forest to the water’s edge take me away to an amazing place in my mind. Untouched except by wind and weather. You can only imagine what the early explorers felt as they found these areas.

I have not taken one moment for granted. Our attitudes are great even in poor conditions. Our bodies are working well and rebound quickly. The gear we are using has never failed us. For all of these things we feel blessed.

* ICW~ Intercoastal Waterway


  1. Man, you guys are cranking it out!! Hoping it warms up for you a bit before you get here!! I haven’t been out paddling on the ocean–too cold!! But today it warmed up nicely. Hope you’re still having fun–it’s an amazing journey, isn’t it!!

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