Posted by: supthecoast | April 20, 2011

Topic of discussion

Which would you rather paddle into head on, wind or current. Discuss.

70 miles in 3 days and cruising up SC may have some weather rolling in the next day or so!


  1. Great hosting the guys earlier this week! Looking forward to following them up the coast.

  2. Will and Mike,

    Hey guys, this is Luke I was driving the USCG boat that stopped to talk with you. I wanted to tell you how awesome it is that you have taken on such a great adventure. Hope that you had a good lunch at Hannah Banana’s Sunshine Cabana; surely Ken was excited to meet you guys. I wish I was off duty tonight to join you for a beer up in Garden City. Anyway I have told my family and friends to check out you out on the web. Best of luck to both of you, I will continue to follow your journey via the blog.


  3. hahaha-depends on the wind strength, depends on the current! I kinda would rather paddle into a heavy wind, though, because at least it will dry the sweat before it runs into your eyes. So I guess I’d rather go into the wind!

    • Margo! We’re about halfway to the jerz! I think.

  4. Hey guys,
    This is Luke, I was driving the U.S. Coast Guard boat that stopped and talked to you guys today. Just wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing is awesome. Hope you enjoyed Hannah Banana’a Sunshine Cabana, I’m sure Ken was excited to meet you both. Wish I was off duty to meet you for a beer up in Garden City, anyway best of luck on the rest of your adventure. I will be following your progress on the blog.


    • Luke, thanks for stopping yesterday it was great talking to you guys. Keep up the good work! – Will

    • Luke~ Thank you for for stopping yesterday. It was an honor to have a chat with you and the crew. Thank you to U.S.Coastguard for keeping our homeland safe.

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