Posted by: supthecoast | April 16, 2011

moving along.

And then we passed our second state.  Georgia.  Check.  If we had blinked we would have missed it.  Or at least it seemed like it.  Florida had consumed our thoughts for so long and just like that we blew into Georgia and out of it.   The coast of Georgia is considerably smaller yet mostly untouched.  Coming onto some of the beaches is as if we were the first.  Uprooted trees resemble a graveyard that is patrolled by the wild boars.  Decades and decades of winds, waves and tides have turned once giant trees to horizontal masses of bleached wood. 

We went almost 40 miles without seeing another person.  We can count the number of people we encountered between St. Simon’s Island and Skidaway Island on one hand.  The day before we made Skidaway we had pulled up on one of the islands to reevaluate where we were, and where we were going.  We were also running low on water.  We had probably about 6 liters left.  This may sound like a lot, but with another 13 miles before Skidaway and almost a half day of paddling ahead of us it was worth talking about.  Luckily as we pulled up, some people enjoying their Sunday afternoon, also pulled up.  Next thing we knew, we had more water.  Thank you.  As quickly as that happened, the fog and wind blew in.  In minutes, the wind had turned onshore and gusting to over 20.  We cut our losses and set up camp for the night.  Skidaway would wait another day. 

That night we would have a visitor, a wild boar.  These are known for just destroying something for the sake of destroying something.  We had thought ahead and hung our bags from a tree and stowed some in my tent.  Mike slept with the machete that night and at one point could smell the massive pig.  It checked us out for a little bit and then let us sleep, as best one could after having a pig come walk through your camp. 

If you’ve ever experienced bugs, midgees, knats, you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve spent a night on the beaches in Georgia.  They are unlike anything we have ever seen.  They attack with a biblical presence and are relentless.  They were our caffeine and got us moving in the morning.  Had it not been for our bug net shirts we most likely would have perished, instantly. 

As we approached Skidaway we made contact with our hosts, Pat Brooks and the Hawes’.  Our land support works tirelessly to set us up with folks and ensure our comfort and an easy transition off the water and we couldn’t be more thankful.  They had come and met us on the water to give us a marine escort to the marina.  It is great to be met with smiles and folks asking if we need anything.  The hospitality they and all the other hosts we have had showed us is incredible., thank you. 

After a great couple days of rest and recooperation we set out again and moved north.  For us, it is bittersweet.  We make such great connections with people but then we have to leave them behind so quickly only knowing that we have made lifetime friendships.  And we move north. 

Weather continues to haunt us.  Today we are sidelined again with a marine forecast saying, “mariners should alter plans”.  So we wait as the line of thunderstorms, heavy winds, and rain push past.  We know that we will get out, we just have to have patience. 



  1. You guys are doing great!! We all enjoyed meeting you and are having fun tracking your progress.

    • Thanks Nancy! We had a great time down there too. It was great to meet all of you!

  2. woohoo!! aewsome!!! can’t wait to catch up with you in JerZ!!! heehee, wait ’til you encounter JerZ bugs…!! yes, those noseeums seriously suck!!! love your blog posts!!

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