Posted by: supthecoast | April 4, 2011


After a little over a month, with 8 days off, we can see Georgia. At times we never thought the day would come when we could leave Florida behind us. Although we are still technically in Florida I think it is safe to say that we have paddled the entire state and are ready to move on. With a strong wind at our backs and tide ebbing and flowing throughout the day we covered 28 nautical miles and arrived at Fort Clinch State Park. And now as the sun begins it’s descent to bring another day to a close a storm looms on the horizon. We may be grounded here for an extra day tomorrow, but even if that does happen we are still done paddling in the state of Florida. To this point so many people, mostly strangers, have helped us get here and we cannot thank you all enough. We really cannot describe how much it means to us. Thank you Florida.



  1. My wife and i are staying here in the fort clinch state park. We would like to see you guys off whenever you get ready to leave. We met on the river shore yesterday when you guys came in. We have came by your camp site several times but haven’t caught you there. We would like to support your effort some way.

  2. Hi Mike and Will. Thought you would like to see Johnny’s Facebook posting today.

    Johnny Miller
    hung out with two of the coolest cats last nite! Mike and Will. These watermen are stand up paddleboarding from Key West to Maine to raise money for Wounded Warriors! Check out their web site and like them on FB search Sup The Coast! Give from the heart people!!!!!

  3. Freaking Awesome!! Who SUP’s the entire state of Florida? Still watching your track daily. Go guys Go.

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