Posted by: supthecoast | March 31, 2011

Mother nature

Over the past couple days we have had the opportunity to both celebrate and curse the surrounding environment. Some of the coolest things we have seen have been just recently. As we came north through Mosquito Lagoon we had to stop a few times because of cloud to ground lightning strikes all around us. Luckily someone was kind enough to let us take refuge in their car until it passed over. And we pushed on. Not too long after, we came across multiple manatees. These ones though were not as used to human contact as others have shown to be. Without warning, an explosion would go off just yards away. The explosion being a violent thrashing of the manatee’s tail. Later that day we would see another manatee floating on it’s back enjoying a drink of rain water falling from one of the docks. As our day was coming to an end, we witnessed a dolphin swimming next to us completely entangled in a net with little for us to do but watch. It was quite the afternoon of watching a collision of man and nature.

Yesterday morning we praised the weather. The wind was at our backs and the current carrying us north. In a little over three hours we covered 16 miles. Soon though the wind changed and we stopped for lunch. Later an onlooker would tell us there was a tornado warning. This was no surprise as we saw the building clouds to the west. We pushed on. The sky got darker. Sprinkles began to fall. We had paddled another four miles at that point and came to a boat ramp, so we called it a day. Not five minutes later a storm blew through unlike anything we had ever seen. Lightning strikes, 50+ mph gusts, palm branches flying horizontal through the air, the boards needed to be tied down, and a sideways downpour all left us in complete awe. It lasted for about ten minutes or less but was truly awesome.

This morning we woke to more lightning, more tornado warnings, and drenching rain. We’ve been watching the weather channel all morning and may be able to get on the water this afternoon. Just a few days and we may be able to check Florida off the list, if mother nature allows for it.


  1. absolutely amazing, guys. i haven’t missed a SPOT check. it’s a mini adventure every time i get one. oh, the stories you’ll have!

  2. oh that wind!! hopefully it’ll be nice and warm up here in JerZ when you get here! hahaha, and it’s funny when you smell the ozone in the air from all that lightning–just adds to the tension! am loving following your amazing journey!! paddle on!!

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