Posted by: supthecoast | March 26, 2011

The upwind paddle

If you have ever done an activity outside in the wind you know how awesome or terrible it can be. Sailing, kite boarding, wind surfing or just flying a kite that is the shape of a bird,its awesome.

In windy conditions ~ golf,frisbee,or jogging can be an awful challenge. For most of this trip we have been paddling up wind and sometimes against 3 knots of current. When the wind blows in your face you can not stop paddling for one second. If you do,you may be pushed back to where you were 20 minutes ago in seconds!

Stand up paddling in the wind is usually timed so you go with the wind , swell and current. Our trip doesn’t allow us to get in a car and drive 30 miles up wind and let us get blown back. Being self supported we must , every day ,start where we left off and just go. Unless it’s not safe we must go!

Imagine if you a runner. You have bought the newest and most hi-tec running shoes. You leave your house and run for a few miles on pavement. Along the way, imagine you come to knee deep mud. Just lets say for what ever reason you must run in that knee deep mud for about 25 miles to finish your goal. Or you have a fancy road bike and you ride that bike with no air in the tires for 100 miles. Thats what we feel like day in and day out.

It is very hard to push through the pain and frustration that mother nature throws you. We could stop. Pull out and camp comfortable ANYWHERE! We don’t.

I go to this place in my head. Its a place where men and women are standing up for our freedoms. So day in and day out WE STAND UP FOR THOSE THAT STOOD UP FOR US.They have no choice to just pull over , stop and get a nice warm meal and a place to sleep. They just keep going . So do we.


  1. Wonderful analogy guys you have my respect for this mision. My only regret is tht I can’t paddle with you but maybe when you get closer to New England and my school year ends Erik and I could accompany you for a bit of the way.


  2. Beautifully, beautifully composed Michael. I’m filled with awe, pride and love.

    Love, Dad

  3. Keep up the push… we will be here when you come through nc. great effort for a great cause!

  4. Keep Killing it boys, keep pushing.

    Mike Nunnery

  5. Hey guys–not sure where you are on your journey, but I just emailed the site about lodging in Jacksonville, FL if you need it.

  6. Keep breathing,,this too shall pass,,,,winds of change are coming! See ya’s in JerZee,,,,
    God Bless ya’s!!!

    • We’re in southern NC now so who knows when that will put us in new jerzzzz all depends on what the winds let us do! You can follow our progress on our website under the “follow us” tab and our spot trackers. And our facebook page supthecoast might also give some insight as to where we are. Thanks for following us!!

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