Posted by: supthecoast | March 11, 2011


In ten days we covered 102.5 miles of highway and right around the same on the water. Of those ten days we only paddled six. We aren’t averaging 30 a day yet but this morning when we woke up an I put on four top layers I was satisfied having only gotten as far north as we have. The neo, polyolefin, and water tshirt from hyperflex coupled with the Atlantis jacket from Jamestown Dustributors were enough to stop the shivering. Isn’t this southern florida?

We arrived in Key Largo yesterday at dusk after a full day on the water facing just about any condition you could think of except snow of course. We had a side wind in the morning, followed by a tail wind before lunch, then paddled up current where we saw yet another tail wind once we got back to the ocean side. That wind at our backs was courtesy of the front pushing through that brought heavy rain and northerly winds with gusts well into the 30s. After that past we had the wind and current against us as we made our final push to our stop for the night.

The highlight of the day may have been when we passed through two sand bars where the channel was lines with toilets seats on poles. Creepy, amusing, definitely odd.

Tomorrow we will paddle in the wind and try to make some more miles. Today we charge batteries. Physically and metaphorically.

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