Posted by: supthecoast | March 4, 2011

Start your engines

Feb. 28th:
We landed in Key West just a few short days ago thanks to our good friends Erik and Sam from Martha’s Vineyard Eco Adventures. Family and friends have gathered here as well as we prepare to head off on quite an adventure. As we all gathered at the Lazy Dog and Hurricane Hole for our big send off there was nothing but excitement running through everyone. We just wanted to go. Thanks to the great folks at Lazy Dog and Hurricane Hole our send off was a huge success and I am fairly certain that everyone had a great time. thank you again so much!

March 1, 2011
We were ready. Our gear was ready. We just had to go. At about noon we left key west a couple hundred yards from the southernmost point. From there we paddled over to the southernmost point just to make it official. From the there we paddled back to the Lazy Dog and Hurricane Hole to meet the family for lunch. And the once again departed after ore goodbyes. Our first day was amazing. We really got a chance to use all the gear provided for us ad see how helpful it all would be. Jamestown Distributors hooked us up with SPOT trackers for everyone to follow us and I was happy to see and hear that people were. Mike Mills from JD even sent us a text asking if we were alright after seeing just how far offshore we were. We made it to a boat ramp just as the sun was setting where Mimi met us to pick us up. With the wind at our backs the entire day we were able to cover just about 20 miles in about 5 hours of time on the water.

Had it not been for the GPS that Jamestown Distributors had provided us we might not have been able to make that late day decision to pull into Sugarloaf Sound. Even with very little instruction I was able to operate the device and navigate back to an accessible spot to be picked up. Thank you JD. I’ll be talking more about that device and some others soon.

Day 2 proved to be more of a challenge with wind up to 20 mph in our faces. But we persisted. Leaving the sound and going out and around until we finally decided it just was t worth it and we should regroup until it lays down. Again our Garmin GPS was critical in finding a stopping point as the mangroves in the area make stopping nearly impossible. We were able to again navigate back to rt 1 where we met Mimi and called it a day. In four hours we covered 8 miles over water and about 5 over land. As we have said from the start wind will dictate this trip. The forecast is calling for a wind change Saturday night into sunday. Our fingers are crossed.



  1. Very windy and rainy here in Cocoa Beach the past few days, still hoping to catch up with you on your way pass us, willing to bring provisions.

  2. Woohooo! You guys are on your way!! That wind is a bear-but I promise you, you will actually crave it when your done! “Embrace it!” stoked to be reading about your adventures!

  3. Better luck tomorrow! We are rooting for you!

  4. Yo!

    This is great. Can you read your blog, or just post to it?
    Can you post some pictures to the blog or only to your facebook page?
    Stay safe!

    • I can read, write, post pictures. I tried to post a video but it didn’t work it had to be through some other program or something. I got your other messages. Still pictures have been hard to take up until a few days ago because of the wind. Hopefully more to come!

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