Posted by: supthecoast | February 18, 2011

carrying a heavy load

For the past 3 years now, I have worked at Gentle Giant Moving and Storage.  Some may read that, not know me and begin to make the assumptions that most make when they hear that someone is a mover.  I have no problem telling people what I do though.  Mostly because on a daily basis, I, as well as the other guys I work with, change the perceptions people have and make them think twice to jump to conclusions.  How?  Through a relentless attack on each job we are presented with.  All the while killing people with kindness, and treating people the way we ourselves want to be treated.  Why?  Because we don’t like to fail.  If there is something we can’t do, we fail.  If our customer isn’t happy, we fail.  We take it personally.  Whether its a small job that takes 4 hours or a long job that takes 16 we never stop.  We run whenever we can.  We don’t back down just because something is heavy.

It crosses over well.  Each day on this trip will present a new challenge.  Even before we leave on this trip everyday has presented a new challenge.   Physically, mentally, emotionally, this trip has hit them all and will continue to.  Although each day the load I have to pick up and move will be a little different.  I was joking with the guys today that it was going to be the last time I have to pick up anything heavy so I made a point to get on anything I could that was heavier.  Now I’m just going to have to pick up some dry bags, my board and get on the water.  Seems okay to me.

Our list is the heaviest thing we are working with right now.  Each day it gets lighter and slowly we can feel the weight lifting off our shoulders.  We’ll be walking pretty light when we get to Florida.  At that point planning, for the most part, will be done as well as just beginning.  From there it will just be taking each day as it comes.

This week has been spent finalizing quite a few things.  We were able to collect some gear from Jamestown Distributors and Hyperflex Wetsuits, outfit the boards a little, meet with some people interested in what we are all about, brainstorm, set up our first few days, add some more sponsors, and make contact with some other people that will be vital to our success.  I think it is an understatement to say we are excited to get on the water and attack the challenge at hand and carry a new load.  Good bye winter.



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