Posted by: supthecoast | February 1, 2011

Cold Weather, Cops, and Counting Days

On Sunday I took advantage of the beautiful day in late January.  The  morning was cloudy and cold which left little motivation and not much to be desired for the day.  I couldn’t sit still however and finally just said, “I’m going”.  I got to the river and there was hardly a ripple.  The wind had finally rested on a day I had off.  It seems as though everytime I have gone to paddle the west winds are cranking.  But Sunday was perfect. 

I wanted to go somewhere different so I headed north towards Bristol.  I cruised the river becoming entranced by the nose of the board as it pierced through the glassy surface.   Finding my rythm, muscle memory takes over and my body moves without any instruction.  Any fatigue or soreness from the work week or my workout the day before disappears.  My breathing becomes more steady and soon everything is in cruise control. 

I pass under the bridge, watching the cars pass overhead and soon turn into the Mt. Hope Bay.  Somehow I have timed the tides perfectly and the currents are nearly slack.  This stretch of water is notorious for ripping currents but today I was lucky.  As I made the turn into Mt. Hope Bay, the wind had picked up from the west.  The next couple miles would be slower but I was still able to move at a decent speed.  The wind gave  me the workout I was looking for in the day.

I continued on passing Roger Williams Univ., going under the Mt. Hope Bridge and making the final turn toward Bristol Harbor.  As I neared the center of town, someone was beckoning me to shore from one of the piers.  I paddled over, it was one of Bristol’s finest.  Apparently, as I was paddling a number of people called into the police and Coast Guard to check on my safety.  So they were.  I was fine, but it is good to know that people are taking notice.  I have a feeling it won’t be the last time that the police are called because of some guys out walking on water. 

It’s snowing again today.  We head to Florida in 23 days.  I don’t like snow. 

Thank you to those that have hit our donate button on our site.  Those contributions will be huge when we are hungry after a long day of paddling. 


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