Posted by: supthecoast | January 2, 2011

Time is flying!!!

The past few weeks have gone by so quickly.  The clock is running out and we are realizing daily how real this is all becoming. This past Friday, New Year’s Eve day, the SUP the Coast team gathered some folks together along with the Osprey team to hold another SUP Cleanup.  It was a great success with about twenty participants.  We cleaned three different beaches and a good stretch of coast here in town.  The pictures from the effort can be found on our facebook page, SUP the Coast.  Thank you to everyone who helped out and stay tuned for our next cleanup in the near future.

Also we have updated our website with a list of things that we are in need of.  As we spread the word about our trip and mission people keep asking us how they can help and if there is anything they can contribute and as we are getting more organized and closer to our departure we are realizing just how much we are in need of.  So if you would like to help us out please check that out on our webpage. We will be trying to update that every few days or so as we start to put things together and as people generously donate.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated and we cannot thank those whom have already helped out enough.

Another part of our trip that is continually evolving is our itinerary.  Where will we be and when?  This is a great question and it is all dependent on the weather conditions we come across and how many miles we can put behind us each day.  Along with this question is where will we be staying each night.  At this point we are trying to put together a list of places to stay so we can pinpoint places to stop.  If anyone knows anyone along our route that would be willing to donate a back yard for us to sleep in for the night that would be HUGE.  That would then give us a better idea of where we can and will be stopping and a better time frame of when.

Each day brings something new so we will be trying to update this more regularly in the coming weeks as we approach our take off time.  Right now we are thinking of leaving the city of Compton around the 23rd of February to head south.  Thanks everyone, check back soon!

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