Posted by: supthecoast | December 6, 2010

BIG things…

Well today was another day 1, where things seemed to be another beginning.  Yesterday we finally got our new boards from Joe Bark back to the house.  After weeks being spent in the back top corner of a trailer they were finally unloaded and Will brought them home.  The boards are absolutely amazing.  As Mimi said, they look like small sail boats that you are standing on.  Right out of the gates, they are fast, stable and the most comfortable boards we have been on to date.  They exceed our expectations for a board for this trip in every way possible.  We cannot thank Joe Bark and his main man Charlie for their hard work, expertise, their poetic license, and fast response to our request and needs.  We will let the pictures speak for themselves.  From paddling down wind to up wind, side wind and riding swells, these boards, from our short test trip, this morning are exactly what we have been dreaming of.

Also today we launched our Facebook page, SUP the Coast, become a fan or a friend….check it out and follow us!!!  PLUS!, thats where the pictures are.  Thanks everyone.



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