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volunteers needed for beach cleanup

Here we are. HOME. Still feels like a blur. I will find the words over the months to come.

What we need now is volunteers for the Thompson Island shoreline cleanup. If you are anywhere near Boston Ma, or know people who are, please join us at the dock for Thompson Island Boston Harbor. To register or more info visit .

Please check back for more blogs about the Sup the Coast journey.


Posted by: supthecoast | June 18, 2011

As the Ancients did…….

The eastern coast of the United States is long. In a car bus or train it takes several days even weeks to travel from Key West Florida to Portland Maine.

Our journey has taken approximately 85  paddling days to reach Marion Massachusetts.

I can’t help but think how the natives and ancients travelled the coastlines of our Earth. Whether for trade or survival these men and women would leave the shore and travel long distances (on simple craft) to meet other tribes and trade goods.

We also have met many” tribes” along the way. We have traded stories in return for a place to stay and a wonderful home cooked meal.  People have greeted us the same way I imagine villagers would greet travellers from lands far away. First with a little wonder in their eye. Then after a customary handshake, Bang! Friends for life.

Our travels began for two reasons: The Wounded Warriors and SUP Cleanup. Only now after 1800 miles do I clearly see that this is just the beginning of journeys to come. It would be nice if what this trip represents fixed all that is wrong with our coastline and our war hero’s. I’m afraid they both need more help.

This current journey is close to completion. It is amazing to be here in Little Compton with Mimi,Henry,Marion and friends. We have been home in LC for 8 days now. Paddling short distances.LC to LC~ LC to Westport~ Westport to Padanaram~Padanaram to Marion. A must see coastline. Moving slow like the ancients it was great to re-connect with this unique yet familiar shoreline.

The push north begins Monday in the pre dawn light near the Cape Cod Canal. The ancients never traveled this waterway. At that time it was land. This stretch will still be paddled at the pace of old-time travel. With the modern application of GPS,radar,radio communications and the US Coast Guard auxiliary and Army Corp of Engineers at our side as escorts. Even with all the modern technologies surrounding us on that short distance, I’ll still look to explorers before us for their guidance.


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New England

The past few weeks have flown by.  Since we crossed the Chesapeake it seems like we have been on a pattern of GO.  We have passed through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and now New York.  As we paddled up the Long Island Sound yesterday, for the first time on our trip we saw a naturally formed rock pile.  It was the first sign that we were back in New England.  New York left me, as it always does, full of awe.  The stature of the buildings blows me away and always overwhelms me.  As we finished up yesterday, over 40 nautical miles from the city, we could still see those giants, now mere shadows fading in the distance as we turned up the channel to our final destination.   Yesterday’s distance was a personal best for me.   As we pulled into the sound and the wind was blowing in our faces and the inconsistent chop made the nose of our boards slap repeatedly this way and that we slowed to a crawl. I had doubts we would make it as far we did.  We had a number of different options and we pushed on.  Refueling every couple hours allowed me to refocus.  As the afternoon went on, the wind laid down and with the sun setting behind us the sound went glassy.  It is always a good feeling to not be able to see the place from which you left.  It makes me know our day was a success.  Yesterday definitely was and today we will once again move on.

New York City: 1359 nm, 72 days of paddling


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Sometimes things happen in your life that make you feel so fortunate.

There have been so many things on this oddessy that I am thankful for. Will and I have been truly blessed on our journey. Even though the wind and currents have not been perfect, we can’t complain and take it one mile at a time.

I am so thankful about our experience on The Bay one week ago . The feeling of knowing your body and mind are so in tune. Yes there was fear. I beleave that fear is what made our paddle so succesful that late afternoon . Failure really never crossed my mind. I would have paddled for twice as long to make it the shelter of that rock pile.

Those 90 minutes have changed the rest of this trip for me. I’m not paddling like I was before that Monday afternoon. Once I made it to the east side of the bay, my style of paddling has changed.

No longer am I paddling  with my head down with nothing more important than getting to the end of the day. I’m more relaxed,more focused on looking around and seeing what I’m traveling past.

I have enjoyed every part of the coast so far. Yes, I can remember all the beautiful areas that only few get a chance to see. Although when I was paddling through some of those places I had one thing on my mind. The destination of that particular day. I’m truly thankful for Mother Ocean to spank me around a little bit. If she could speak, she may have said on that Monday afternoon,” Hey man, perhaps you should be more concerned about the journey than the destination”.

I hear her loud and clear now. Thank you Mother Ocean for the lesson.


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Down hill

As we paddled out of the Chesapeake Bay today I couldn’t help but smile.

It feels as if we have climbed a huge peak and now it is time to ride down hill. We’ve said goodbye to 4 states and countless bodies of water.  For me it feels like the rest is down hill!

We have a long way to go and several states to complete. Although I can’t help but feel excited! Excited to be crossing that imaginary line of South/North soon!The excitement of all the wonderful things we still have to see! Excited about meeting more kind and giving people.

We had a short day today. An easy day if you will. On days like today I can almost hear the cheers of all the people sending us  positive reinforcement.

Today was a good day.


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After our weather delay on Tuesday and Wednesday, the forecast for Thursday was looking promising. By Thursday morning we knew we had to go. A small crowd of onlookers had gathered inquiring what exactly we were doing and stayed to see us off. After some photos we were off not being able to see our destination only the bridge that would guide the way.

Conditions were not bad nor were they perfect. The swell was still pushing from the east and the wind had switched to the southwest. With a small chop at our side we made a diagonal line to the bridge and started following that. Eventually the wind and current would push us off the bridge slightly but didn’t hinder our forward progress. As we got farther across, the wind had picked up from what it was when we left. This, coupled with the swell, current, and shoals made for bigger seas but not nearly what we had seen just a few days prior. We stopped for a few minutes at the spot where we had been brought back Monday night, thankful we were not in that same situation again.

We moved on. As we followed the bridge the current seemed to push us right along. A maintenance crew on the bridge took our picture and later would lay on the horn as they drove by. After another hour or so we had reached Sunset Beach on the North side of the bay. Our crossing complete, we both agreed that we didn’t have to do that again. And now we can keep heading north. Thank you everyone who had given us encouragement and well wishes it gives us strength knowing so many people are watching us everyday.


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After a perfect paddle from Sandbridge VA to Cape Henry we were positioned to cross the Chesapeake Bay.

Checked NOAA weather and radar. Winds were 5-10 south ,Skies Partly sunny. We were focused.

As we paddled away from the safety of land we knew it would be 12 nautical miles to Sunset Beach VA,near Cape Charles.Nothing we haven’t accomplished.

At about the 1 hour point the wind  switched. 5-10 perfect south became 25 ish from the east. Seas built so rapidly the only thing we could do was press on. Being miles from land the seriousness of our situation became apparent.

My mind took over and I was calm. The radical un organized seas became 4,6,7,8 foot cresting and breaking waves. It’s hard to explain but I felt so ALIVE.

At this point I was  going through our exit strategy. 3 or 4 mile to our west sat the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Getting there was going to be a full speed push,but I was confident and focused.

It was a very demanding technical stretch of water. Things were going as well as could be expected…….UNTIL ~ The biggest cargo ship we’ve seen came into our path at about 15 knots.

At this point I knew our day was over. We needed to make it to the break water at the bridge.

As I went under the bridge the current and waves were like nothing we’ve seen. Will and I in my opinion had just completed the hardest paddle of our odyssey.

I did not feel defeated. I felt alive. Not like an “I survived” alive; more of an I’m alive because of the calmness and focus I was able to tap into.

Now what though? It’s a bridge with no way to get onto it. A small center console fishing boat was also in the area. After Will and I spoke about the situation I asked them for assistance.

They also were amazed at how fast the weather changed. Remember it was suppose to be a beautiful evening.

The guys in the boat continued to fish in the shelter of the break water while Will and I went over our strategy.

Our boards were longer than their boat so it was going to take a great plan to get them on the boat first of all. Then how do we prevent them from getting destroyed on the way back?

Fully loaded we made our way back to VA beach. A trip that should have taken 10 minutes by boat was closer to 45 minutes in nasty seas.

We had a destination in mind .Our friend Bill and Anne called ahead to a hotel on the Bay and our hero’s beached their boat and left us on the beach.In all the excitement we never did get their names. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I know 4 people who are going to have a hard time reading this. Mom,Dad and Mr. and Mrs.Rich. I promised them that I would watch Will and He did the same. So thats what we did. Thanks Will.


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For weeks we have paddled in all sorts of different winds. This morning we turned out of the harbor in ocracoke and there was just a light breeze. Before we knew it we were paddling across a sheet of glass. We had that for a lot of today. Little or no wind, Perfect. Thank you.


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Coastal Carolina

On Monday we left the wrightsville area and pushed forward staying in the ICw. We made hampstead in a day and spent another night with Guy and Patty Davis who had hosted us for the Carolina Cup. Thank you for all your hospitality. Then we went to Camp Lejeune. It’s a Marine base. We got the opportunity there to stay with some Wounded Warriors. We could legitimately write an entire book on our stay there alone. I’ll only say that it puts everything in perspective. I had a history teacher once say, “war is Hell”. From hearing the stories from these guys, that might not even begin to describe it.

From there we have moved up fighting tough side winds and making Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach where we got to meet up with Mimi again. She had joined us down in Wrightsville. And Mike got to reunite with a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time, Andrew. We continued on to Sea Level and then yesterday we hit Ocracoke Island. So far the week has gone well. A little further and we will be heading north. A lot of the Carolinas we have been moving east. Soon Virginia !

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Racers Ready

After almost two hours of people flowing in and tweaking their gear, paddlers from all over began getting on the water to start the Carolina Cup. Folks came from all over including Florida, New Jersey, California, and even Canada to race in what is sure to be one of, if not the, premier stand up paddleboard race. Even as a spectator you could feel the electricity and pre race butterflies. People were bouncing around in all different directions making last minute checks offhand gear, reuniting with friends, meeting new people, and seeing all the newest boards on the scene and who was paddling them.

There were three courses for competitors to choose from including a 12, 6, and 3 mile. With the directions board designs have gone and training people are doing, course times seemed quick with some of these guys finishing the 12 mile course in a little over 2 hours!! I wish we could blast out that distance in that time. But if we did we wouldn’t be seeing all the great stuff that we have.

It was awesome to reconnect with people that we have met along the way and to meet so many new folks as well. Thank you all for being so encouraging about our trip. We will get back on tomorrow and push forward. What a great weekend this has been!

Pre race madness.


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